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UGG Boots - Time-Honored Footwear for a Treat

Going a long way and suffering from much discomfort among the so called fashionable and stylish things, modern people are dying to get something comfortable. Then the turn-up of time-honored sheepskin boots from the vast prairie on Australia spirits up many people worldwide. UGG, which is called these boots, now becomes a popular fashion icon. Picture a lounge of heavenly coziness embracing your feet with frozen air insulated. Such an effective treat can be achieved with any pair of sheepskin boots bearing the logo "UGG".

Traced back to the Stone Age, our ancestors are seen wearing a kind of advanced footwear made of pieces of sheepskin for protection in inclement weather. At that time these boots seem very luxury but the most advanced ones, which mean a lot to the primitive life. Evolved out of a variety of styled versions in today' s era, these primitive sheepskin boots remain their classic shoe construction to our time. Always focusing on fit, comfort, durability and finish, these sheepskin boots are marketed as UGGs worldwide.

Whatever, the origin of UGG boots is believed to be the Australia. These boots are limited within the region of Australia until the pilots during WWI are accustomed to these snug fitted boots to keep their feet warm in high altitudes and the surfing crazy makes worldwide surfers gather on the coastline of Australia and soon find the cozy boots called UGGs by local surfers to warm up their feet after a chilly dip into the ocean. Featuring bulky looks, the debut of these boots is not plain sailing but since celebrities' endorsement in 2000, these comfortable boots are soaring in popularity and now achieve an enormous success all over the world.

UGG sheepskin boots are all about comfort and warmth. Such luxury footwear for ideal winter wear really brings a relief to modern people and accomplish their desire for comfortable treat when frozen air invades their feet in winter. In this regard, these time-honored boots set a lasting fashion trend around and people finally find a best bet to be pampered and cold winter season can be also felt carefree.