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The Popularity of Barbour Clothing and Its Influence on the High

Over the last year or so I've been increasingly seeing what I would consider heritage clothing seeping into the high street. The kind of clothing you'd usually expect to see on a shoot or farmers market has become much more predominant. It's interesting to see how a style which has been around for many years can suddenly gain so much momentum within high street fashion. Barbour Clothing seems to be the 'it' brand pushing this trend on. However the high street copycats have been hot on their heels creating a number of off brand alternatives. The key piece people are wearing seems to be the quilted jacket popularised by the brand, however this has led the way for other clothing from the style to make its way into popular culture.

Heritage clothing is by no means a new entry to the fashion world, however never before has it been taken up with so much enthusiasm by the high street market. Although there are a lot of store brand alternatives, many of the long-standing heritage brands have seen a resurgence in sales as people seek out the genuine article over the cheaper store brands. As this clothing style is very much rooted in affluent culture, buying a cheap alternative simply doesn't create the desired appearance. Many of the popular jackets proudly show off the brand name giving them additional credibility when many others are buying cheaper alternatives.

Aspiration Wear

One could argue that people are seeking out clothing from what they consider to be from a more affluent culture. Particularly in these times of austerity people are aspiring for greater things. Just because you don't have a country manner, it doesn't mean you can't look the part. Barbour Clothing is by no means inexpensive, in fact many of their offerings are relatively expensive. However this is a one-off cost to buy into a culture that people are aspiring towards.

Unlike other high street fads which spring from nowhere and disappear just as quickly, this one has already proven to have real sticking power. Barbour clothing has been around a lot longer than the current fad and are likely to remain long after. However they're sure to leave their mark on high street fashion. Many popular styles are eventually removed from shops, usually by the end of the next season. However this is one that I think will be leaving a permanent mark on popular fashion. Just as the parka has become a staple piece I believe the quilted jacket will do the same.