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Louis Vuitton Petanque Set

I have to admit that I underestimate Louis Vuitton's determination to conquer every aspects of human life with its products. This time, the prestigious fashion house has extended its hands to sport, which is traditionally opposite to fashion. But even on the unfamiliar territory, LV still spares no effort on creating a classic and exquisite style full of sense of history. So, the fierce and vulgar football and basketball are ruled out. The Pétanque, a popular sport in the south of France is just the one.

The limited-edition Louis Vuitton Pétanque Ball Set is created to honor the 100th anniversary of the sport which contains a set of nine balls encased with the iconic monogram leather and a cochonnet, meaning Jack in French. Traditionally, Pétanque balls are produced with metal but this set of balls are made of monogram canvas and inserted with heavy stuffs to make it hit as the original ones.

All of them are placed in a beige case with handles and additional space for score sheets and pencils. A Louis Vuitton symbol is carefully embossed on the lower-right corner of the case which is made of natural leather and lined with supple alcantra lining. I bet Louis Vuitton paid more attention on the case than the balls.

However, most Pétanque fans will be disappointed that the set is only for VIP client and it's impossible in get it elsewhere. But don't be frustrated, there will be more Louis Vuitton products in your life. Just start saving and get ready to splurge.