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How Are Fur Coats Manufactured?

Workers collect the fur from the animals and then process the fur in both regular salt and alum salt. After that step, they soak the fur into water for several hours. When those steps are complete, the chemical process will continue for some hours with acids and soda ash, which will be added in a separate container. The last step in the beginning stages is the addition of sawdust corn starch.

The second process in fur coat manufacturing involves a combination of corn starch lanolin, general bleaches, dyes and toners. This process is exclusively used for dyed fur and proper preparation is very important. If anything goes wrong, all of the collected fur will be wasted and the producer will suffer a great loss in profit. The next decision to be made is the length of the fur, and this is decided by a craftsman. After that, the fur will be pasted on a thin liner or on the skin of an animal. All of these steps can be done mechanically and to save time and money most manufacturers use machines to process the furs instead of doing everything by hand.

Once the complicated and labor intensive work is complete, the fur will be dyed with the natural color of the animal. This is done so that the color will last for a long time and not fade over the years, and the same process is used with fake fur. Manufacturers are careful that the inside of the coats are processed for as long as necessary before they are sold or sent to the showroom. Because of that guarantee, you don't need to worry about being negatively affected by the chemicals when wearing your fur coat. The inside treatment of fur coats is intricate and only once the hard work is finished will it be sold to the general public.

Depending upon the workmanship, the price of a fur coat will be fixed and will run you an average amount every time you make a purchase. This is difficult for workers, because even with all their labor and effort, it is usually not possible for them to earn a lot of money. On the other hand, in the case of fur or fake fur products, enough profit can be made as long as quality is not missing in any part of the coat. Fashion shows are put on for the sale of fur coats, and famous performers and celebrities appear in these fur coats to increase the sale of the products. There are also ways to remove the fur from animals without hurting them and this is something that will help the industry in terms of animal rights groups and those concerned with fair treatment for all.