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Dunk's Most Imitated - Nike SB Dunk

Popular products all over the world become popular due to many reasons like an attractive visual appeal with ease of use, durability and reasonable cost. It takes a lot of effort, time and gumption to launch a product and ensure that it retains top of line visibility in the public eye. It is not enough to just manufacture the product with all the excellent features and attributes. It needs to be marketed such that the brand name along with any insignia or logo gets the prominence and attention that will give it a unique identity, enabling it to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

It is thus saddening and a great disservice to a well known brand, when its products can counterfeit and gets sold at half the price of the original. While imitation remains the best form of flattery, no company or brand worth its salt would want its product to be sold in such a manner. The Nike Dunk SB has the rather unfortunate privilege of being at the receiving end of such abuse. This highly popular shoe brand has spawned many imitations with vague nicknames and consumers have bought into them. You can tell a fake from the logo imprints on the insoles, but many consumers do not bother to go into such detail and are just happy that they are able to get hold of such a product at almost half the price.

So, what is it about Nike SB Dunk that leads to such abuse?

Well, this product took the skateboarding industry by storm with its unique design, comfort and safety it provided to even the hardcore skaters and the man on the street realized the value for money that this product provided in enabling him to wear them for daily use as well indulge in even aggressive sports secure in the knowledge that the shoes will protect him for an ankle twist or slippage. Moreover, every time a particular style of Nike SB Dunk is released, the people behind the counterfeit know fully well that the product will be very well accepted in the market and they prepare accordingly, recognizing the opportunity to make a killing in profits. That is borne out by the fact that Nike has been releasing a number of styles in limited quantities and has even been according retro appeal to some of the newer styles. Since these tend to disappear off the shelves pretty quickly, those behind the counterfeit know that they can enjoy good profits on releasing the styles that are no longer available.